Twinsor is a company focused on research and development of Made in Italy products to be promoted in Europe and across the world.

These products are mainly distributed in the main online stores but also in traditional distribution channels.

We help our brands reaching the maximum potential by optimizing the production process and by providing them the best technological solutions.

Our dynamic team is constantly updated with the latest trends and has contribuited to the success of brands like and World Art.

Our production process is entirely based in Italy. We also try to predict the furniture and design market evolution in order to invest in the right products.

Feel free to get touch if you want to work with us or if you want to know more.

Our furniture brands:

Artopweb is a brand specialized in interior design and wall decorations. Copyrighted prints are applied to wood using a sealing film in a hot press. The product is then brush painted with a transparent gel which provides a unique depth to the surface while protecting it. On January 2017 Wall Clocks were also added to the catalog.

Artplaza mission is clear: make customers happy by offering a product that can make their houses warm and coloured: hand-crafted art panels with high quality prints. The catalog contains many different styles, including Van Gogh, Monet, Ukiyo, Utagawa, Hokusai but also photographic subjects like cities landscapes, urban details etc.

WorldArt main focus is the distribution of products aimed to enrich and decorate any type of interior space: houses, offices, recreational spaces etc. The range of product is made primarily by 3 categories: wall decoration, accessories and lighting. Products style ranges from classic to modern and design. What these different products have in common is complete craftsmanship in the production process.

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